catering solutions
Our patés are available in a variety of food service formats designed to enable our customers to deliver
top quality food with the minimum of fuss. All of our food service patés are delivered frozen and are
easily defrosted enabling maximum flexibility for our customers with the minimum of waste.

All of our food service Patés are free of pork and gluten and we offer a range of halal and alcohol-free recipes.
The following formats are available as standard

Paté Quenelles.

Our pop-out and serve paté quenelles are ideal for creating delicate, attractive starter presentation with little fuss and no waste. The quenelles are provided in film-sealed trays of 12 and are designed to be popped out and plated when frozen. The quenelles defrost in approximately 15 to 30 mins at room temperature.

Individual Paté Pots

We can provide single portion pots of our gourmet paté. They are perfect for airline and outdoor catering.

Catering Paté Tubs

We also supply 600g bulk packs of paté.